My Story

My Story

My name is Barbara Lucas. I am the creator of Start Over Success, the new normal invented.

I created this site years and years ago; paid for the domain name and web site; wrote the book; made a couple of posts and stopped dead; took no further actions.

Thought about it now and then; especially when one of you contacted me and asked for help; thought about all the work I had done; thought about how it could help; didn’t matter; couldn’t get me to take action.

Thought the problem was the usual one most of us have: we believe we are not good enough, know enough, able enough.

So I certified as an Intentional Creativity Coach; took Red Thread Guide training; got a PhD in spiritual counseling, added many certifications to my teaching credentials; and, still took no actions except paying domain and web site bills.

And, then—

August 7, 2020, a Covid 19 year; someone innocently sent an email asking how they could find a copy of my Start Over book; innocently because they had no idea the transformation that simple request would bring.

Would have been happy to give them this information, but, you see, there is no book–yet–; only page after page of notes; enough information to complete a book; all I had to do was the work of book making and the work of publishing; just haven’t done it.

Don’t know why but I threw the biggest tantrum an adult can make; not at this person or via email or on Face Book; but, in the privacy of my own home and mind.

Gosh. I went on and on; my six cats who usually run and hide when I raise my voice found seats around the room I was yelling in and simply stared at me; if I hadn’t been so pissed, the scene would have brought smiles to my face and calmness to my mind.

I was pissed with me, no one else, because I knew way back then that Start Over Success information was needed; I knew that I understood the process of starting over; that I am a great explainer, teacher, writer; and, yet, I had done nothing.

Instead I went on and on, yelling whatever words came into my mind; eventually opened my computer to this page and tried to write a welcome.

Couldn’t do it.

Went to bed.

Alarm went off; too early to go to work even though work was walking from bedroom to the room I call my teaching room; I knew something had radically and forever changed for me and for Start Over Success.

I grabbed my computer, wrote and published my first real post for this business. Find it here.

I knew that I had just birthed Start Over Success. I was no longer in labor. I knew my inaction had ended.

I had a new born business called Start Over Success.


Many of us are in labor.

We understand that what the experts told us is true: we are to birth a new normal.

The reason they give for inventing a new normal is that the pandemic, Covid 19, destroyed what we called normal.

They say that even if we could return to pre-pandemic, we can’t because all of what we called normal is gone.

Clean Slate

In other words, we have a clean slate. What we write on this slate becomes our new normal.

In order to do this writing, this creating and inventing of a new normal, we must Start Over.

The people who find their way to this site are used to success; success is all they want, all they will accept; nothing less than success will do.

This site is Start Over Success.

It contains the  information that will guide you to creating your own Start Over Success and thus your New Normal.

Every Start Over has a beginning point. The beginning of this work is called the Universal Sacred Assignment.

Find it here Universal Sacred Assignment.

And so it is.

Barbara Lucas, PhD

Intentional Creativity Coach