For perhaps the first time in human history, each of us has been given the Universal Sacred Assignment. This assignment says that each of us has to create a new normal.

There is no dodging or ignoring this assignment–Each Of Us Has Been Called.

As I indicated in My Story, I received the call and wasn’t happy about it.

Acceptance Arrives

I have done Start Overs many times. Always successfully. However, this was something, that at my age, I simply didn’t want to do again.

Nobody in their right mind wants to.

This is especially true in this Covid 19 year of 2020.

But, like most of you, I have learned to never say “no” when the Cosmos comes calling. It always wins; it always finds a way to get a person to do what it wants them to do.

Old Notes

The last time I went through a start over–remember the housing crisis of 2008?–it was really, really, really bad.

The good thing was I have kept a journal for many years. I kept most of them. I kept a journal of that time.

Not only that, but, I realized my tale of woe had the makings of a book worth reading.

So I had my journals and my book-making notes. Put together this is a treasure trove  of  good, solid, useful information.

The Call

When I accepted the call to revive Start Over Success and make it into something real, something helpful, something that can lead us out of the darkness of Covid 19 and into a new normal that is stable, full of wellness and opportunities, I used my journals and my notes to take with me into Free-fall.

While in Free-fall, I tried out the ideas in those journals and notes. I revised which means I made corrections and added ideas.

The work I did in Free-fall became my posts. This work is mine and your way out of Start Over Success into mine and yours New Normal.

First we do the work of Start Over Success and then we live our New Normal.

The Work

Please read my posts. Please do the Call to Actions.

Please record your results in the journal you created for the work of Start Over Success.

At the bottom of each post is a place to financially support Start Over Success via PayPal. Please do that.

If you haven’t set up your journal yet, go here.

After that, do the class Go Within.

Now and then, have a coaching session with me.

Get Success Coaching

In a Get Success Coaching, I will be translator and messenger of information that comes to you when you are working with me in a coaching session.

Information and messages come when we do the work needed to create a new normal.

The most important task we do in a coaching session is bridge making.

Bridge Making

So we make a bridge going from where we were/are to where we want to be, our new normal.

So this site is more than my personal experience of Start Over Success, it is also the translations I do of messages you receive.  Go here for Get Success.