Universal Sacred Assignment

The Cosmos states:

“You are called to let go of the past and everything you thought was                                  normal. Once you do this, you automatically create a vacuum. Into                                  this vacuum, you are called to place a New Normal.

This New Normal contains the desires of your heart for a life of                                         wellness, wholeness, fairness, satisfaction and contentment. Your                                   New Normal has more than enough of all good things including                                       clean, useable water; clean, health-giving food; supportive                                               relationships; and safe, stable communities.

Your New Normal supports you in using your God-given talents and                                 gifts, your skills and trainings, your education and experiences to                                     make channels through which well-being for the people you serve                                   flow.

The people you are called to serve easily find you. They easily pay                                   you for the use of your gifts, talents, skills, trainings, education and                                   experiences. There is fairness in distribution of productions and                                       wealth.

You are called to add anything to your New Normal that would                                          make it glorious, fabulous and a place worth being in.”

Each of Us

Each of us has been given the same sacred assignment; therefore, it is universal.

Each of us has been called to Make a New Normal.

No One Excused

No one is excused from this. There are no exceptions.

Each of us, each individual, is called to do this thing of inventing a New Normal.

Once each individual makes their own, personal new normal, then each family will; then each community will; then we, as a human community, will.


So. You have read My Story and now, the Universal Sacred Assignment.

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