The Red Thread Legend

The Red Thread is a symbol of connection, protection and belonging. It reminds us that each of us is connected to all life. That means all beings are connected to each other, the water, the air, the land, the fire, the planet, every being and thing on/in the planet and the Cosmos.

No one or thing is ever lost, discarded, thrown out or separated. We are connected to all. That connection can change; it can twist and turn; but, it cannot be broken.

Knowing that we are always joined one to another, to our Earth and the Cosmos gives us security and safety.

This knowing protects us from all threats. The power of the Red Thread and our choice to live in the sacred space created by Red Thread Circle dissolves all threats.

The Red Thread gives us belonging. We really do belong here, on this planet, at this time. We belong to the human collective.

The Red Thread is the physical, touchable symbol of this connection; a connection that creates a deep sense of belonging, trust and acceptance; a connection that gives us safety and protection.


The Red Thread Legend is known in many traditions throughout our world. It is explained in many different ways. The Chinese explanation is the easiest to understand.

The Chinese Red Thread Legend says:

“Those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread since before birth. This thread can stretch and tangle but it will never break. We will eventually connect. Choosing to stay connected and how we weave is our choice.”

Accepting this Legend as real helps us connect to those who came before us, those who will come after us, and those of this present time. It helps us connect to the Cosmos. It helps us connect to earth, water, air and fire. It helps us connect to our planet, Earth.

We can trace versions of the Red Thread Legend all the way back to cavemen days, before many of the religions of today existed, when we gathered around fires, told stories and solved problems.

Sacred Connection

One of the best explanations of the Red Thread Legend is found in the children’s book The Invisible String written by Patrice Karst.

The Invisible String explains that an invisible red thread connects us all. We are each connected to each other. No one is alone or separate or banished or lost.

We belong; no matter what, we belong. We are connected; no matter what, we are connected. You are some piece of the tribe called Human; some piece of the collective called Human.

We are all connected. There is no “them”; there is only “us”.

We each walk our own journey, but, including the Red Thread Legend in our life, reminds us that we are not alone; that there are others near us; that each holds their own piece of the Red Thread; and, that piece is part of one long, continuous piece.

When we image this thread flowing from person to person, each person holding their unique piece; this thread flowing through the Cosmos, the earth, the water, the air and all life and our planet Earth, we get a strong sense of the sacredness of connectedness, the sacredness of each of us and the sacredness of the place we live, our home, the Earth.

We belong.