Life Changing Experience

Dec. 10, 2020

A Life Changing Experience

Hi Everyone,

I am preparing my next book for publication. I needed a quote; couldn’t find one that fitted the age group I’m writing for, so used a quote of my own.

When I use a quote, I always name the person, their nationality and what they do.

So I wrote:

Barbara Lucas: American: author, artist, teacher

The Change

I stared at these words for several minutes.  I don’t know how to explain this.

I felt all this changing going on within me.

And then, I felt like a real person.  I felt like a person who has an identify and a purpose.

Wow was how I felt.


I invite each of you to write your name, your nationality, what you give to the world

Make it look like this:

Your name:  your nationality: name your works

How do you feel?

Does what you’ve written impress you? Make you say “Wow!”

Just for fun

Underneath your words write:

Family member, friend

Then write other things about you:

I wrote “healer, cat rescuer, gardener, messenger”

So my writing looked like this:

Barbara Lucas: American: author, artist, teacher

family member, friend

healer, cat rescuer, gardener, messenger


As I continue to plan my new normal, I will definitely include this.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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Dr. Barb does the work of messenger, another word for author, writer, speaker, communicator. She delivers messages and information that can help people make decisions to take actions that produce wellness, prosperity, and peace. Her work does not compete with or replace the work of medical, psychological, legal, financial, or other professional and licensed services.


Nouns and Verbs

Oct. 12, 2020

Hi Everyone,

For some strange reason, I am thinking about nouns—names of places, persons, things—and verbs—action words.

Success is a noun, the name of something. It is the place where those of us in

Start Over Success want to land.

Start is a verb, an action. Start is the action we intend to take to reach success.

Over is used to link start to success. It is the bridge between start and success.

Success defined

Often when thinking about success, we think of it has a verb, an action.  There is all this talk about what actions lead to success, a place.

Taking action, knowing which actions, to take is important.

Which actions are determined by what you mean by success.


Until now, we have defined success as a certain amount of money, or kind of house/car, or status.

In this New Normal we are forming, is this how we want to recognize success?

In our New Normal will money and possessions still be the dominate factors when deciding

if we have arrived at this place called success?

My Image

Picturing this place we call success is not the simplest of actions to do.  Picturing or imaging has to be done.

Picturing and imaging is one of the major steps in bringing forth or creating.

My picture of success is one of flow.

I picture success as a flow of ideas and actions between the Cosmos and persons, between persons within communities, and between communities.

I picture this flow being shaped via receiving, giving, talk and the making of these ideas into physical form.

I picture this flow being accepted as normal; this flow is expected; it is received graciously.

Call to Action

Take time to think about your definition and your image of success.

Write this in the Foundation section of your Start Over Success Journal.

If actions come to you about how to bring forth this success, note them in the Bridge

section of your journal.

I haven’t written about this section. The Bridge sections lists all the steps we take to get

from our foundation to our New Normal, our Start Over Success.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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