The Heart Has to Approve

Oct. 25, 2020

Hi Everyone,

This week as I was working on the foundation for my new normal, I realized that the foundation needed a foundation and that foundation has to be heart approval.

The heart has to approve everything we do. If the heart doesn’t approve, we won’t succeed.

So to get the heart’s approval, we tell the heart what our idea is. When we talk to our heart it is best to use images, words and feelings. We include our creativity and our logic.

We allow our idea to enter the heart on our right side, travel through our heart and then wait for the idea to exit on the left.

No exit, no approval.

Blocked Heart

Sometimes our heart is blocked. Nothing comes out not because our idea is wrong but because it can’t get through a blocked heart.

Our heart gets blocked with the feelings we had when we experienced certain life events. A blocked heart is, also, called a heart wall.

It can be blocked with feelings of betrayal, resentment, disgust, hidden stuff–you get the idea.


I’ve known for several years that something wasn’t quite right with me.  Like many of us, I’ve worked hard, put forth a lot and received little.

I didn’t know that I needed heart approval. I didn’t know my heart had a wall, that my heart was filled with all kinds of crap.

I didn’t know until a friend talked about her heart wall being removed and that her life was getting easier.

She told how amazed she was by all the stuff that had been blocking her heart.

So I did what she did:. I went to Emotion Code.

I downloaded their free stuff and did what it said to do.

Call to Action

I invite you to download the free sample from Emotion and work with it.

See what results you get.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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