Second Sacred Assignment

The Second Sacred Assignment is to name your personal purpose.

Purpose means the reason something is.

My Purpose

In my New Normal, I choose my purpose.

My purpose is what I am passionate about. I am passionate about people having the skills needed for success.

In the Old Normal, I would have gone to experts to find out my purpose. I would have done a ton of research; taken test after test; prayed.

I know what it is; I can name it and describe it.

My New Normal

In my new normal, I did not wait for some so called expert to tell me my purpose; I choose it myself.

I stepped back and studied me.

I choose the thing I want changed in the world.

The number one thing I want is for all people to have success. In order to gain success, there are certain things a person must know and do.

I teach some of those things.  I teach “Personal Journaling”, “Scribble, Scribble, Doodle, Doodle, What have we here”, “I Write about the Most Important Person in the World: Me” and “My Bridge”.


The most wonderful thing about choosing your own purpose is you can change it any time you so desire.

Knowing your purpose makes your path clear.

It also reveals the choices along your path.

You automatically know which choice to make.

Your New Normal

I hope each of you adds choosing your own purpose to your new normal.

Knowing your purpose helps you make many decisions like what kind of training and education you get, where you live, what you do in work and free time.

I you need help in selecting a purpose have a  Get Taught session with me. The Bridge Lesson will bring you needed information.

And so it is.