Red Thread Circle

Red Thread Circles are meetings that begin with the passing of the red thread.

As the red thread is being passed from person to person, the participants acknowledge the connection to each other, the ancestors, the earth, water, air, fire and the Cosmos.

We sense an unbroken, ever flowing connection to the Creative Intelligence that flows in all, as all, through all and is all.

As the thread is passed and acknowledgements are made, the circle becomes sacred. It is understood that the participants created this sacredness together, as one whole.


Creating the sacred Red Thread Circle helps us acknowledge that our meeting is part of our unique destiny. This meeting and what unfolds was meant to happen.

As the meeting progresses, the question to be explored is stated, statements are made, the Four Red Thread Teachings are used to bring clarity and wisdom to the circle. 

Speaking our word sets up the Law of Receiving and Giving; the use of the Red Thread simply makes this law easier to witness as it does its work.

When we meet in Red Thread Circle, we are giving and receiving wisdom, understandings and knowing’s. This process says you and I both belong, you and I are both accepted and acceptable.

Red Thread Circle

Red Thread Circle is one of the most powerful and sacred of meetings.

We each contribute to this experience.

Being part of a Red Thread Circle ends one of the least talked about dangers of our time, the danger of being isolated, of thinking that we are outside Life looking in.

When we pass the red thread in Circle, we see each person holding their sacred piece of the red thread, an unbroken, untangled thread, that connects all and allows energy to flow from one to another.

Circle participants see and feel acceptance and belonging.

There is a sense of “This is home. This is my tribe. This is where I belong.”