Poem–Our Common Red Threads

Poem–Our Common Red Threads

Our Common Red Threads
by Shiloh Sophia

The Red Thread is a sign of connection.
A reminder that we are already connected.
A symbol of protection. A gift of blessing. The color of life.
The Red Thread is a legendary Talisman
throughout the world with different meanings of the sacred,
of destiny and taboo,
which makes it a dynamic symbol that wild women love!

The Red Thread is the hem of the garment of the Great Dancing Lady
Our first red thread is the umbilical cord
to our very own mother, of life force in the womb, our red room.
The Red Tent from times of old that women gather in to rest
and tell stories during their moon cycles.
Red, the color of the thread the Blessed Mother
was using to weave the veil of the temple,
the red gateway to the holy of holies.
A place forbidden to women that has a gateway woven by
women’s hands.

Red! The color of desire, sex, passion, romance, devotion,
the red velvet box for wedding rings.
Red. A color used symbolically in stories,
like the sturdy red thread from Little Red Riding Hood’s coat,
with which she saved her life.
The red thread the fates are spinning, the color of memory
the red rubedo in the final stage of the magnum opus in alchemy,
and the cover of Jung’s Red Book
and the Libre Vermell of the Black Madonna
with the songs of pilgrims for singing and dancing
The red roses associated with the Guadalupe, Magdalene and Mother Mary

The Red Thread tied around the expectant mother’s wrist,
and the women in her life who are supporting her.
The Lover’s bond at hand-fasting with that red satin ribbon.
The red thread wrapped around Mother Rachel’s Tomb.
Red, the color of thread women in positions of power wear throughout history.
The color of royalty, the sacred spaces
and the red carpet rolled out on special occasions for special guest.

The color of the forbidden fruits, the apple, the pomegranate, chilli
and the deliciousness of cherries and strawberries.
Red, the color of the thread Ariadne gives to the warrior,
along with a sword to navigate the heart of the labyrinth.
Some say that the words ‘web’ and ’email thread; come from that story
of from that spool of the wise Greek princess.

Many Asian traditions say that those who are supposed to meet
are connected by an invisible red thread since before birth!
That it may stretch or tangle but will not break – it will lead you
until you are face to face with that person.

The red thread can be the symbol of quantum connection when we say,
I am sending you my love,
representing energy moving across space and time.
This the red thread we connect with in our Intentional Creativity Circles.

The fiery core of our star, our sun, our heat, our life, red.
Red, the color of our blood, the red from the iron of exploding stars
from billions of years ago.
If you need to feel our connection you can just tug on the red thread
and imagine we are there with you, and we are.

In our community we have legends of the Red Thread,
that we feel make a life move beyond just a story into a legendary life –

Dear One
You are already connected,
You are called to this circle,
You have your own unique piece,
You are only responsible for our own piece,
and You, are not alone.
We bear witness to each other’s red threads.
Let us spin a red thread of story throughout our lives,
finding a common red thread woven between us.