End Political Parties

Sept. 28, 2020

Hi Everyone,

In my Start Over Success Journal, in part three, My New Normal, I write that I am wondering if political parties need to be replaced with something else. I don’t know what.

When I read posts from people in western USA who are dealing with the fires and hear these people say repeatedly that politicians of all parties don’t understand what it’s really like to live in their area so therefore can’t/don’t help, I question the value of politicians.

I was one of the first Head Start teachers in the USA. I remember Robert Kennedy explaining that local people know best what kind of school, what kind of Head Start, would serve them best. He actually said that Washington doesn’t know.

I couldn’t find the exact quote.

But this memory and the success of Head Start makes me wonder if more local control is needed.

Yes, I know the danger of this–local control and no politicians.

Somehow, we have got to have a solution, many solutions, that doesn’t have all these unintended consequences.

I don’t know what that is.

I only know that if the question/yearning is put out into the Cosmos, answers appear.

Help me watch and listen for those answers.

There has got to be a solution/solutions to what we are now facing.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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What changed?

Sept. 14, 2020

Hi Everyone,

When I am faced with the unexpected like an illness, or job problem, I always stop and ask, “What changed?”

For example, did something change in the way I take care of my body like the kind and amount of food I eat? Am I moving enough? Am I sleeping enough?

For example, did something happen in the market place and I didn’t notice? Did I over work? Underwork?

Several years ago, when the fires in western US were unusually bad, I asked, “What changed?”

One of the things that changed were wind farms: they were bigger and more of them.  Yes, they produce electricity but how else might they impact the environment? Could they influence the air flow?

It is said that the wings of a butterfly moving in South America impact happenings in Europe so the total impact of wind farms is worth considering.

So. Ask, “What changed?” and look for little tiny things as well as big things.

Look at things like feelings, beliefs, thoughts.

We are asked to create a new normal.

The question is “What changed?” to cause the need for a new normal.

Some of us have to start over.

The question is “What changed?” to cause the need to start over.

Add these answers to your Start Over Journal in the part called The Foundation.


Dr. Barb


Sept. 6, 2020

Hi Everyone,

PAT stands for

  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Tone

Which means

  • Purpose—the reason for doing something
  • Audience—who are you doing this for
  • Tone—is the way to do this friendly, casual or formal, follow-the-rules-exactly

For example:

  • Purpose

My reason for doing Start Over Success, for wanting to plan my new normal          is_______

  • Audience

I am doing this for me; eventually, I will share this with friends and family

  • Tone

I am doing this with a thoughtful but friendly tone; I remember that when              doing this type of creative work, I do not worry about spelling, grammar,                rules, history or anything else; my only concern is to get my thoughts done          on paper so that I can examine them, add to them or subtract from them


I am doing this in a formal, follow all the rules tone.


       I have found that when I take the time to write down the PAT of every                   project I undertake, I make the way forward clearer.  I know exactly why I do         everything I do; I know who my audience is and how to communicate with             them.


Dr. Barb


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Review Lesson 2: Purpose

Aug. 30, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Identifying one’s purpose can be difficult.

Finding out is worth all the work and effort it sometimes takes.

Peace comes. One’s pathway becomes clear.

One way to find out purpose is to ask questions of one’s self.

Passion Questions

  • What do I worry about
  • If I could wave a magic wand, what would I change
  • What do I react to in the news or in political speeches or in the talks of religious leaders
  • What do I give money to
  • What do I volunteer for
  • What makes me angry big time
  • What are your concerns

Passion Answers

Find the answers by

  • Stepping back and observing yourself
  • Listening to yourself
  • Being very aware of feelings and reactions

Your New Normal

I hope you have started your Start Over Success Journal.

In that journal, in Part One, The Foundation, put down your answers to the Passion Questions.

Think about it for a while.

What is your passion?  Or passions?

Me identifying my passion brought about a name change, Dr. Barb.

What will you knowing your passion bring about?

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

Barbara Lucas
Start Over Consultant

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Universal Sacred Assignment

Aug. 20, 2020

Hi Everyone,

In this Covid year of 2020, each of us—every person on the planet—has been given the sacred assignment of making a new normal.

This is known as the Universal Sacred Assignment.

Before we can make a new normal, we must do the work of determining what this new normal looks like, feels like, is like.

Review of Lesson 1, Call to Action 1

As I said in Lesson 1, Call to Action 1, posted August 7, 2020, to create a New Normal we secure survival needs first.

These needs become part of the foundation of our New Normal. The first thing we do in inventing a New Normal is build a strong, powerful foundation.

Hierarchy of Needs

People who study us humans have told us this many times. People like Maslow who wrote his Hierarchy of Needs was one of the first to explain this.

Maslow names physiological needs—food, water, shelter–, safety needs, relationship need, and esteem needs as the conditions every human must have to have good, happy lives.

In my post, I emphasized housing and food because so many Americans are facing homelessness and hunger at this time.

My New Normal

In my new normal, my Start Over Success, my foundation includes:

  1. I own a well-built, well-designed home that has two acres of usable, garden space as well as a dependable, easy-to-access source of safe-for-humans-to-use water.

One of the things I realized as I listened to thousands of Americans being threatened with eviction is that it is better to own a shack that no one can force you to move from than be a mortgage-holder or renter.

  1. I have a beautiful, highly productive potager

A potager garden has vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers intermingled.

Another realization occurred when watching cars lined up to get food from the food banks: no one should ever be without a productive home-located garden. No one. Ever.

  1. All of my security needs including the need for security, stability and safety are met

I add these items to my description of my New Normal.

Your New Normal

I highly recommend that you add My New Normal items to your new normal items list.

Call to Action:

In your Start Over Success journal, write, make notes, add images about this part of your foundation, the part about meeting survival needs.

And so it is.

Barbara Lucas
Start Over Consultant

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Purpose: Lesson Two, Call to Action Two

August 11, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Today’s topic is Purpose, Lesson Two, Call to Action Two.

Have a Purpose

Having a purpose is part of survival.

The King James Version of Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” is true for nations, families, communities, and individuals.

This verse means that without a long-range goal (vision), people have no path to follow; they wander aimlessly from here to there; they feel depressed and lost.

To have Start Over Success one must have a vision.

Do nothing until you know yours.

Fortunate is the person who has a vision.

Find Yours

Your purpose is what you are passionate about.

It is the problem you want to solve; the thing you can’t tolerate.

A nine year old Chinese boy, when asked what he wanted to do when he grew up, said, “I want to find a way to grow enough food so that no one in the world is hungry.”

The look on his face, in his eyes, his tone of voice, the way he held his body, told me that he meant this; this was his purpose.

He was only nine, but he knew his purpose.

My purpose is teaching the skills that make people successful. I teach English to speakers of other languages because the skill of speaking English will help my students be successful.  I teach English writing skills to nine to thirteen-year old’s because writing well will help these students be successful. I teach Go Within because doing this action helps people have success. Go Within is found under Help on this website.

Call to Action

The problem in the United States is we have no national vision. We are floundering because we haven’t a national goal, a place to aim for, something we are all working towards.

The same for the people of the United States; they have no vision.

The same for individual’s: without a vision, we don’t know what to do.

To name your vision:

  1. step back and observe you; take notes
  2. ask the Cosmos; then listen deep and hard
  3. research on Google

And so it is.

Barbara Lucas
Start Over Consultant

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Lesson One, Call to Action One

Aug. 7, 2020

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post in a very, very long time. I wasn’t planning to ever post here, but then_____

I have been called to restart this idea of Start Over Consultant because we, the people, are in deep, deep doo doo.

Yes. I am angry. I didn’t want to do the work that doing this demands.

I have started over many times as have most of you. Hoped I would never have to do it again.

Well. As my mother would say, “Hope in one hand; shi_ in the other; see what you get first”.

Yes. To those of you who knew my mom, she really did say that.

So I set aside my anger, my wishes, my I should have’s. I do the work asked of me, as must you.

I recall the lessons learned from the times I was successful at starting over.

I make them my calls to action.

Not calls to action like ministers or protest leaders give where we, the people, make a lot of noise, piss off lots of people, or we simply do nothing but rage, but calls to action that we have no choice but to do, calls that will result in what’s needed to be done actually getting done.

Yes. Sometimes I will sound like a minister or protest leader. Please forgive me when I sound that way.

We do calls to action because our survival, the survival of our families and the survival of our communities depend on it.

Yes, we, the people, can bring forth a world of fairness. Yes, we can.

You see, a desire for fairness is the core lack that is causing most of today’s problems.

Listen to people. Listen beneath the fancy words. A yearning for fairness is the core desire.

Who will give us fairness? We will; we, the people.

Look at history. It has always been we, the people, who bring about what saves us.

Lesson number one:

 People must have a safe place from which to do some service or make some product that they can exchange for the money needed to pay for necessities of life like this safe place and food.

This place is our home.

Look around you. Listen to what has been made clear to us:

That safe place is your residence.  It’s name—shack, hut, apartment, house—doesn’t matter.

It’s location doesn’t matter.

Doesn’t matter if you are a renter, a mortgage holder or an owner.

Everyone must have Shelter, a place to call home, a place of safety. This is a necessity of life.

Experts have told us this over and over. It is not a secret.

Therefore, we must do whatever we have to do to keep our residence ours.

Therefore, we stop looking to Washington or any national place of power for help. Help is not coming from those places. The reason doesn’t matter.

We need our energy and time and thinking and doing for Starting Over; not for blaming or accusing or waiting for someone to save us.

Call for Action One:

We, the people, demand an immediate stopping of all evictions, foreclosures and any legal means that would cause us not to have a home.

We demand that all rent payments, mortgage payments be stopped until such time as everyone has a consistent, dependable, constant, reliable flow of in come.  That’s “in come” and not “out go”.

We demand that these payments be forever forgiven. 

By immediate I mean right here and now. This instant.

We demand this of our local judges and mayors and whoever is a trustworthy leader who knows the legal ways to make this so.

By trustworthy, I mean the people who always figure out what is the best way to solve a problem that serves all the people; everyone gets help.

By trustworthy, I mean people who get things done. No matter what. They get the job done.

I mean wake up the judge, get the bill written in seconds not weeks or days, make the announcement, tell the sheriff or local law enforcement officers that this is so and stop putting people on the street.

Just stop it.


Because once the focus is off survival, the mind relaxes, ideas flow, courage comes, solutions appear.

And for the sake of all that is holy—you, me, everyone—stop saying something is communism or socialism or whatever “ism”.

Just stop it.

These ideas died years ago.

Stop reviving them.

Our job is to let all the “isms” go and let them rest in peace.

Our job is to give all of us breathing space so that we, the people, can bring forth newness, a newness that makes all of us whole and holy, a newness that we immediately know is fair to all.

So. Call that judge NOW.

Get this done NOW.

And so it is.

Barbara Lucas

Start Over Consultant