My Classes

I work with those who have decided to accept and complete the Universal Sacred Assignment of creating a new normal.

The people who arrive on this site know that they want this new normal to be what they select, what they choose and not the selections and choices of others.

They know they have to do the work of Start Over Success in order to make a New Normal.

When they step out of Start Over Success into the New Normal, they want to enter the work, the passions, the relationships, the communities, the realities of their choosing.

Their question is the same as most of us: how to do this Universal Sacred Assignment?

We do it the way any strong, stable structure is built. We acknowledge that there are three parts to any building: its foundation, its body, its ending.

We build these three parts strongly, powerfully and correctly.

Three Parts

We build a strong, powerful:

  1. Foundation–one that will support us as we grow, stretch, bend; one that has the skills and information I bring with me as well as added skills and information
  2. Body–skills and information that when added to my foundation make me invincible and give me the power to step out of Start Over Success into my New Normal
  3. Ending–the names and characteristics of the work/career, passions, relationships, communities, wellness, wealth that make up my New Normal when I leave Start Over Success


I teach classes that help us build a foundation, body and ending.

I teach:

  1. Set up the Journal is the foundation
  2. Go Within is the body
  3. Get Success is the ending

They realize that as soon as they accepted the work of the Universal Sacred Agreement, they entered free-fall. They know that they have the power to decide where, how and when they leave free-fall.

They know this free-fall is actually the decision part of Start Over Success. It is in free-fall that solutions are identified, tried out and revised.

However, like most people they feel lost; they want guidance.

So they take my Set-Up the Journal class.

Do the Set-up class first.


The one success tool that helps reveal solutions and form plans is journaling.

Journaling is the art of recording one’s thoughts, experiences and feelings. It is the habit of doing this every day, usually in the early morning before the activities of the day begin. It is, also, the process of framing one’s daily journal entry before going to sleep.

Journaling is the success skill used by creatives, healers, coaches, teachers and other successful persons to keep their thinking clear. It allows them to get their feelings, ideas and solutions out of them and into a container. The container is the pieces of paper that make up their journal.

Once out of us and contained, ideas are easier to work with.

Start Over Success Journals

I teach Set-up the Journal.

Call your journal Your Start Over Success Journal.

There is a way to set-up your journal that will make Start Over Success easy to manage.

Doing this will help you make a strong, supportive foundation.

Your journal will fill with the work given you on my posts and the work you do when you Go Within.

The information you gain from Go Within forms the body of your new normal. Once you know how to do Go Within you can revise as often as needed.

Learning and doing journaling and the Go Within technique are success tools that will serve you the rest of your life.

Get Success Coaching classes

Get Success Coaching classes aren’t really classes; they are coaching sessions where you get the information needed to step out of Start Over Success into your New Normal.

The information gained from these sessions form the ending of your Start Over Success Journey.

There is no exact number of sessions; take as many as you want, as often as you want.

And so it is.