I Remember What I Am

I remember what I am (This was published in the Science of Mind magazine, 1993. Enjoy!)

Deep within me, I know I have always been a certain way.

It is a good, happy, healthy, wise way. It is what I am.

Somehow, I had forgotten what I am. It had been lost in the day-to-day activities of life.

And so, to rise above the ordinary, I take time to remember what I am.


I remember that I am a defender and protector of myself. Therefore, I nourish myself with food, thoughts, environments and activities that give me strength. I increase my worth, for no one wants to defend or protect what is of low value.

I remember that I am royal. I am a princess, a prince, a queen, a king.  The title doesn’t matter. A royal is a royal. Therefore, I crown myself with dignity, integrity and purpose. Every move I make broadcasts the fact that I am a royal.

I remember that I am brilliant. Therefore, I know that I know. More important, I am aware that I can discover what I do not know, whether or not I am presently aware that I don’t know it

I remember that I am triumphant. When defeat appears to be present, it is only that—what appears to be. I celebrate each event of my life. Each event means I am alive and moving.

I remember that I live in paradise. Everything in my world is exactly as I picture paradise to be. Therefore, I am constantly upgrading my picture and my world so more luxury, comfort, elegance and beauty reside with me. I enjoy the process of upgrading.


I remember that I am cherished. Therefore, I am protected from harm. Safe conditions and enhancing environments surround me

I remember that I am a philanthropist. Therefore, I easily give information, support and nourishment to those around me, as well as what is perhaps the greatest gift of all—silence.

I remember that I am privileged. Therefore, the rights of the high-born are mine. At my conception, my Creator granted me all the rights and benefits that form a foundation for a glorious human experience. No parent, teacher, soldier, or religious can take them from me.

I remember that I am welcomed. Therefore, I go confidently into each situation. My visibility, recognition and acceptance are guarantees in my life.

I remember that I am world class. Therefore, excellence is my hallmark. The quality of life I express is first-rate.


I remember that I am focused. Therefore, accomplishment occurs. Everything I do contributes to my focus. My focus is clear and sharp.

I remember that I am a celebrity. Therefore, I accept with pleasure the many credits, the applause and the thanks that come my way.

I remember that I am vital. Therefore, I recognize that each thing I do or think contributes to keeping life moving forward. I am needed.

I remember that I am a prophet. Therefore, I speak only that which I want to be so. My words foretell my tomorrow.

I remember that I am wellness. Therefore, I only take part in those activities that bring physical, mental emotional, social and financial well-being.


I remember that I am progressive. Therefore, I leave in the past that which doesn’t fit aliveness and expansion.

I remember that I am an authority. Therefore, I speak and act using the expertise I have gained from living well and living wisely.

I remember that I am exotic. Therefore, my ideas and actions do not always fit the norm. This is for the good. Life expands and moves by stretching beyond present boundaries.

I remember that I am affluent. Therefore, I carefully consider each purchase. There is no need to buy in haste.

I remember that I am honest. Therefore, many follow me without questioning my walk or my talk. I recognize the responsibility of being revered.


I remember that I am a free spirit. Therefore, nothing binds me or encloses me or fences me in.

I remember that I am approachable. Therefore, ease and openness are the essence of my appearance. Nothing about me causes hesitation or uncertainty.

I remember that I am a pinnacle. Therefore, my being represents the best and the highest of everything.

I remember that I am unattached. Therefore, clutter and excess are not part of my life. I am not held down or held back by ownership of more than enough.


I remember that I am involved. Therefore, my participating in life eliminates any criticism and worry I feel. My actions are the best cure for tendency to finger point.

I remember that I am a leader. Therefore, I select my journey with great care, for many travel with me.

I remember to review and to enact this, my remembered self. Therefore, greatness easily becomes me.

And, so it is.