Get Success

Get Success Coaching happens when you and I gather via Zoom for an hour or slightly less/slightly more to discuss whatever problem has you stuck.

When it comes to starting over and inventing a new normal most of us are stuck. this is normal. Most of us get stuck at some point in our life.  It is especially true now when we are doing something never done before: we are making a new normal.

Get Success Coaching helps you uncover that way, the way forward. It helps you map out your new normal.

The way to complete Start Over Success so that you can step into your new normal becomes more obvious when_____

Two or More Gather

Christian Scripture tells us that the Master Teacher said “where two or more are gathered, there I am also”.

This is experienced in our Get Success Coaching sessions. The walls that may have existed between us, between our energy fields, between us and Creative Intelligence come tumbling down.

You, I and Spirit work as one. As we work together, results appear.

The Session

The session uses your “Start Over Success Journal”, red thread, and the special technique called “Go Within”.

During our session, we call on Spirit and the Red Thread Legend Teachings

We are guided to place lines, marks, images, symbols, words, and colors on paper, the paper in our Start Over Success Journal.

This journal is the record of our session and it is the history of your Start Over Success journey.

Bridge Building

The purpose of a Get Success Session is to build a bridge from where we are–in Start Over–to where we want to be–stepping into the New Normal of our choosing.

Get a Get Success Session

Step 1. Send an email to

In the email, list several days and times you are available to spend an hour with me.

Step 2. I email back confirming a time. I am in New York City, United States, also called the eastern time zone.

I have a flexible schedule. I am available from 3 pm Eastern Standard Time to 9 pm Eastern Standard Time, Thursday through Sunday. I take no appointments on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Step 3. Prepare for our session by gathering red thread, five to ten sheets of plain, white paper, black or blue pens and colored pencils or pens or crayons and your Start Over Success Journal.

Have these at the place where you will be meeting with me via Zoom.

Step 4. Near the time of our meeting, I will email the access code.

When it arrives, click on the code; you will be taken to me.  The code is usually in blue.

Step 5. Paying

Once date and time are established, use the PayPal click below to pay for  your Get Success coaching session.

The fee for each  meeting  is $100.00 US.

Use PayPal. Click here.  PayPal.

Law of Giving and Receiving.

Yes. Paying is part of life. Doing so activates the Law of Giving and Receiving and the Law of Compensation.

I use PayPal because it is safe and easy.


There are no refunds. Everyone benefits from a Get Success session.

I put this into my new normal: Everyone I work with in a Get Success Coaching session highly benefits. Everyone who does the Call to Action in my posts highly benefits. No one is left out; everyone receives.

If you need to reschedule, I will do so up to three times.

And so it is.