First there came My Story.

Then there came the Universal Sacred Assignment.

Then there came Free-Fall.

In Start Over Success each of you will have your story, will read and accept the Universal Sacred Assignment, and then will Free-Fall.

Stepping Off the Cliff

In traditional Tarot, there is the card called The Fool. The card shows a figure standing on the edge of a cliff, thinking about jumping off into space; this card is the signal to take the leap.

At the beginning of Start Over Success, all of us must decide to actually do the work.  This is scary because what we are to create, a new normal, is unknown.

So we do. We step over the edge and into Free-fall.


This is good. In Free-fall, we get to make decisions and try them out. We get to let go of anything that doesn’t work the way we hoped it would.

We get to make decisions about the three parts of our New Normal: the foundation, the body and the ending.

We get to try everything out, revise as often as needed and finally say, “I choose this”.


As we do this, we create our landing place so that at the end of free-fall, the stepping away from Start Over Success is our new normal, what we created.

Next Step

So, in this first few minutes of finding this site and reading My Story, accepting the Universal Sacred Assignment, and being in Free-fall, you have done the first steps of Start Over Success.

It is wise to have a record of your thoughts, feelings and results as you do this work.

Go here next: Set-up Journal.

And so it is.