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Life Changing Experience

Dec. 10, 2020

A Life Changing Experience

Hi Everyone,

I am preparing my next book for publication. I needed a quote; couldn’t find one that fitted the age group I’m writing for, so used a quote of my own.

When I use a quote, I always name the person, their nationality and what they do.

So I wrote:

Barbara Lucas: American: author, artist, teacher

The Change

I stared at these words for several minutes.  I don’t know how to explain this.

I felt all this changing going on within me.

And then, I felt like a real person.  I felt like a person who has an identify and a purpose.

Wow was how I felt.


I invite each of you to write your name, your nationality, what you give to the world

Make it look like this:

Your name:  your nationality: name your works

How do you feel?

Does what you’ve written impress you? Make you say “Wow!”

Just for fun

Underneath your words write:

Family member, friend

Then write other things about you:

I wrote “healer, cat rescuer, gardener, messenger”

So my writing looked like this:

Barbara Lucas: American: author, artist, teacher

family member, friend

healer, cat rescuer, gardener, messenger


As I continue to plan my new normal, I will definitely include this.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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Reconsider the Stories

Nov. 26, 2020

Hi Everyone,

As we image and language our new normal, the normal we are making via this site and our journals, we must consider the stories we carry with us.

All cultures, all communities, families and individuals have their stories. For example, the Santa Claus stories or the Creation stories.

Some of these stories are true; some are traditions; and, some have been made up to justify/explain certain actions or events.

Thanksgiving Story of the United States

Recently, the Thanksgiving Story of the United States has had another version told about it.

Find that version here:

Thanksgiving: A Day of Grief and Gratitude | Opinion (nativenewsonline.net)

Please take the time to read this.

Important Questions

This story has caused me to question the other stories I have in my life.

Are they true?

Do I want to bring them into my new normal?

Are there stories I’m ignoring? That need to be re written?

Are there new stories to write and make part of my new normal?


The truth is that stories are part of what makes us human.

Without stories, our lives would be less happy and less complete.

This Native American version of that first Thanksgiving makes all of us stop and pause.

Let us carefully choose the stories we bring to our new normal.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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Warmth of Heart

Nov. 2, 2020

The day before the US presidential election

Hi Everyone,

In this weekend’s Wall Street Journal Weekend, Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2020, Peggy Noonan in the Opinion section, page A13, writes, “Only from warmth of heart–not with it alone–but it must be there—can you build what will last.”

As we continue to build our foundation and bridge to our New Normal, we must develop and maintain our “warmth of heart”, and, perhaps most important, find and support those who have warmth of heart.

As Peggy Noonan writes, ” Sometimes you just have to hold up your hand and say “no” to bad choices, bad paths and people who have no warmth of heart.”

So. I slow down, listen deep, look hard.  I want to see warmth of heart before I select what goes into my New Normal.

You do likewise.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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The Heart Has to Approve

Oct. 25, 2020

Hi Everyone,

This week as I was working on the foundation for my new normal, I realized that the foundation needed a foundation and that foundation has to be heart approval.

The heart has to approve everything we do. If the heart doesn’t approve, we won’t succeed.

So to get the heart’s approval, we tell the heart what our idea is. When we talk to our heart it is best to use images, words and feelings. We include our creativity and our logic.

We allow our idea to enter the heart on our right side, travel through our heart and then wait for the idea to exit on the left.

No exit, no approval.

Blocked Heart

Sometimes our heart is blocked. Nothing comes out not because our idea is wrong but because it can’t get through a blocked heart.

Our heart gets blocked with the feelings we had when we experienced certain life events. A blocked heart is, also, called a heart wall.

It can be blocked with feelings of betrayal, resentment, disgust, hidden stuff–you get the idea.


I’ve known for several years that something wasn’t quite right with me.  Like many of us, I’ve worked hard, put forth a lot and received little.

I didn’t know that I needed heart approval. I didn’t know my heart had a wall, that my heart was filled with all kinds of crap.

I didn’t know until a friend talked about her heart wall being removed and that her life was getting easier.

She told how amazed she was by all the stuff that had been blocking her heart.

So I did what she did:. I went to Emotion Code.

I downloaded their free stuff and did what it said to do.

Call to Action

I invite you to download the free sample from Emotion Code.com and work with it.

See what results you get.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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A repost–16 Teachings from Covid 19

Oct. 19, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, Oct. 18, 2020, I posted that it might be helpful to list what we learned from Covid 19. Marian Brehmer on April 5, 2020 posted 16 Teachings from Covid 19.

Although all of Marian Brehmer’s points are helpful, the following seemed to be most supportive for those doing a Start Over Success Journal. Number 16 makes me want to spend more time then I do with my Success Journal.

13. Corona holds the potential to be a turning point.

Corona is a crossroads for human civilization. It is the inevitable breakdown that many of us have seen coming. The crisis exposes and might eventually dismantle some of our dysfunctional systems. It also highlights two different modes of operation between which human beings now have a choice: The dominant paradigms of control, war (“fighting against the virus”), domination, power and surveillance or the emerging qualities of love, connection, compassion, care and sharing? We’re currently seeing examples of both roads being taken. Which one will you take and what does it take to embody your choice?

14. Do we really want to go back to normal?

In most places, corona has closed down business as usual. People have been derailed from the tracks of their habits. The grip of normality has loosened. Some are longing to return to normality. But if humanity is to evolve, we need to remain strong vis-à-vis the pull towards business as usual. In the words of Eisenstein, “to interrupt a habit is to make it visible; it is to turn it from a compulsion to a choice. When the crisis subsides, we might have occasion to ask whether we want to return to normal, or whether there might be something we’ve seen during this break in the routines that we want to bring into the future.”

15. Corona shows that rapid change is possible.

When humanity is united in a common cause, rapid change previously thought unimaginable becomes possible. Again quoting Eisenstein, “none of the world’s problems are technically difficult to solve; they originate in human disagreement. In coherency, humanity’s creative powers are boundless.” Who would have thought that almost from one day to the other humans could bring most of the world’s air traffic to a halt?

16. Let’s hold the vision of what can come after this.

How will life be like when we are all back on the streets? How will we relate to each other? What will we have learnt? What will we do differently? During this period of sitting in the “darkness of not knowing,” we can hold the vision of a more beautiful, more loving world in our hearts. We begin to understand that “the system” is not somewhere out there, but in fact we are ourselves the system. Everything we do from a place of love and connection strengthens the field of love and connection. What is it that wants to emerge through me into reality? How can I be myself the change I wish to see in the world?

Call to Action

All of Number 16 is a call to action.  I especially want to spend time listening for and watching for “What is it that wants to emerge through me into reality?”.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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Buck Minister Fuller

Buck Minister Fuller

Oct. 18, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I added a new section to my Start Over Success Journal. I added a dedication page.  Do the same in your journal.

Dedication Page

Buck Minister Fuller, the American architect, designer, writer, and futurist, wrote:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

I dedicate the work of Start Over Success Journal to this man and to all of us who want a New Normal that is truly a new normal.

A new normal that has equality in education, income, wellness and all that is good for every human on this planet.

Our New Model

Building a new model is what we are doing in our Start Over Success Journals.

We decide what to leave behind. We build a foundation to support our model. We take steps we call the bridge to decide how our model looks and what it contains. Eventually, we complete our model; we have our New Normal.

As we stand in our New Normal, we recognize that the old is obsolete; it is gone. We are glad.

We happily return to the daily work of building the model for our New Normal.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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Nouns and Verbs

Oct. 12, 2020

Hi Everyone,

For some strange reason, I am thinking about nouns—names of places, persons, things—and verbs—action words.

Success is a noun, the name of something. It is the place where those of us in

Start Over Success want to land.

Start is a verb, an action. Start is the action we intend to take to reach success.

Over is used to link start to success. It is the bridge between start and success.

Success defined

Often when thinking about success, we think of it has a verb, an action.  There is all this talk about what actions lead to success, a place.

Taking action, knowing which actions, to take is important.

Which actions are determined by what you mean by success.


Until now, we have defined success as a certain amount of money, or kind of house/car, or status.

In this New Normal we are forming, is this how we want to recognize success?

In our New Normal will money and possessions still be the dominate factors when deciding

if we have arrived at this place called success?

My Image

Picturing this place we call success is not the simplest of actions to do.  Picturing or imaging has to be done.

Picturing and imaging is one of the major steps in bringing forth or creating.

My picture of success is one of flow.

I picture success as a flow of ideas and actions between the Cosmos and persons, between persons within communities, and between communities.

I picture this flow being shaped via receiving, giving, talk and the making of these ideas into physical form.

I picture this flow being accepted as normal; this flow is expected; it is received graciously.

Call to Action

Take time to think about your definition and your image of success.

Write this in the Foundation section of your Start Over Success Journal.

If actions come to you about how to bring forth this success, note them in the Bridge

section of your journal.

I haven’t written about this section. The Bridge sections lists all the steps we take to get

from our foundation to our New Normal, our Start Over Success.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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Seeing but not Seeing

Oct 7, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Like most folks, I see but don’t understand what I am seeing. I hear but don’t understand what I am hearing.

Confusing I know.

Jesus said something about “scales falling from eyes and the regaining of sight”. (Acts 9:18)

This is the way I feel. I feel that something has fallen from my eyes, ears, and mind.

I feel that I am finally seeing something I have been seeing for a long time, but just didn’t understand.

Something Not Right

This post and my awakening are the result of a recent telephone market research survey.

I used to do the work of telephone market researcher. I know how difficult it is to get someone to do a survey. I usually will agree to do one but I always immediately say that I am over the age most researchers want opinions from.

I was surprised I wasn’t immediately thanked and released from the call.

My market research job caused me to know what is good market research, what is a well-written survey and who is a good phone researcher.

With this survey, I knew something wasn’t quite right and almost hung up myself.

Today, I finally realized what troubled me about the survey.  The surveyor asked if I was Republican, Democrat or Independent. It was a political survey.

She did not ask if I was a Democratic Socialist. I did not know I was one of these until very recently.

Democratic Socialist

A Democratic Socialist believes that both the economy and the government should work together to meet human needs instead of filling the pockets of the privileged few.

I have believed this for most of my life but could not name my belief until after this survey.

Until this survey, I didn’t understand that I have changed. I am finally seeing what I have been seeing but didn’t know I was seeing, what I didn’t know had a name.

The scales have/had fallen off.

I am finally seeing the ugliness of capitalism. I can no longer support the economic system that calls itself capitalism.

Notice I am saying “economic system”; I am not saying “government system”. Although we, in this age, have intertwined the two, they are two separate systems.

Radical Change

Changing to a Democratic Socialist is a radical and new move for me. I did not support Sanders; I do now.

I have been witnessing the ugliness of capitalism for a long, long time, but did not understand what I was seeing.

I thought I was seeing the ugliness of one person or small group of people. I was not. I was seeing the meanness of an economic system.

Ugliness of Capitalism

I bought into the belief that people don’t have what they need because they are bad or lazy; that they can rise up against their oppressors; that they can change what they are doing, believing, being; that they are willing victims, that they aren’t doing their purpose or their divine assignment.

I now know I was wrong. Something else is going on that prevents people from fulfilling their needs.

I don’t know what is holding us in this oppressive place of lack and illness.

The market research survey and the events of the past several years have forced me to finally see and finally hear the ugliness of capitalism.

When examined, the ugliness of capitalism equals the ugliness of communism and socialism as they were in the Cold War days.

Men’s Christian March

I confronted this ugliness back in the 1990’s when I worked as a telephone market researcher.

A client came to the office. He and his colleagues were business owners. Their product was not made in America.

That day, they came into a business setting wearing their t-shirts from the Men’s Christian March held that weekend in Washington, DC. They proudly announced that they had just returned from this gathering.

At that time, the research marketing company I worked for allowed its telephone workers to meet clients, listen to the clients describe the project and why they wanted the information we were to collect for them.  We were encouraged to ask questions.

I asked, “What are you doing to help the people of the country where your product is being made?”

I got a “dance around Robin’s barn” answer.  Thinking I didn’t use the correct language, that they didn’t understand my question, I asked again and one more time.

These fine Christian men gave the same response.

I felt like I was given the “usual pat on the head; don’t worry your pretty woman’s head about this” response.

Any woman who has participated in the Women’s Rights Movement knows exactly what I’m describing.

I heard but didn’t understand what I was hearing.

Ugly result

These men were taking advantage of a low income group, a people whose government did little to lift them up and out of extreme poverty.

No matter how hard I try I can’t imagine this Jesus these men said they served being glad about what these men weren’t doing.

Like most of you, thanks to the current occupier of the White House, I have seen and have heard much that is ugly and mean.

Until now, I thought I was witnessing the ugliness and meanness of a certain group.

I no longer think that. I think what I am finally able to describe is the ugly result of allowing a few to have as much as they want when they want at the expense of the many.

It is the result of allowing a few to think they are better than the rest of us, that we should be grateful for the few pieces of silver they allow us to have, that we should vote for them because they might give us a few more pieces of money for our labor.

Communism?  Socialism?

Communism?  Socialism?

Do these systems exist anymore or has something new emerged? I think something new has emerged.

At the moment, I don’t know what.

I only know that none of those systems including capitalism produces the kind of New Normal I want.

My New Normal

My new normal has the choice of being a Democratic Socialist even though I am finished with political parties.

Political parties have evolved into something ugly and mean.

In my Start Over Success Journal, I have written about this in both the Foundation and the My New Normal sections.

My New Normal, my Start Over Success, has fairness, real fairness.

I hear the hurt and bewilderment of those who have paid employment and receive less money than those who are unemployed and received both unemployment and the stimulus unemployment. You are correct. This was and is very unfair.

I have added a new section to my Start Over Success Journal. This section is called Leave Behind.

I leave unfairness—some people call it inequality—behind.

Call to Action

In your Start Over Success Journal, add your thoughts about this topic.

Share your thoughts with me. Email.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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Bring Love

Oct. 3, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I am writing in the first part of my Start Over Success Journal; the part call The Foundation.

In the foundation part, we write our thoughts, feelings, opinions, ideas and the events that cause us to make a solid, stable foundation for our Start Over, for our New Normal.

In my new normal, I allow love to be the dominate force. I let myself love myself, others, the air, water, earth and the Cosmos. I let myself both give and receive love.

I add love to my solid, stable foundation. My foundation is strong enough, stable enough to allow me to stretch and grow, to allow me to increase.

Adding love is no easy task.

No easy task

Many of you are like me. It isn’t that you don’t know love or are unable to give it or receive it; it isn’t that you don’t want to give and receive love; something is preventing you/ me/ others from so doing.

We know that we were sent to this planet at this time to be/do/have love. We are clear about this. There is no doubt.

Yet, even with this knowing, we aren’t being the fully loving being we know that we are.

Love is the hardest thing we are called to be, do and know.

A Calling

Yes, love is a calling. It is our main purpose for being here, on this particular planet at this time.

The chaos we are experiencing now is because we can’t bring ourselves to do love, to be love.


We can’t offer it because, in the past, we were rejected for so doing. Our offering of love has been rejected so many times that we can’t bring ourselves to make this offering one more time.

Yet, we have to do this. We have to offer and receive love if we are going to have a new normal.

Yes. Both offer and accept.  Hard. Hard. Hard.

Call to Action

We can’t undo the past. The rejections happened.

The shield we put up to keep from experiencing rejection has to come down.

It will only come down piece by piece.

Therefore, start by loving the person who won’t reject you: yourself.

Start Slowly

Start slowly: do self care taking.

That means eat food that is good for your body type. Rest. Drink good, clean, refreshing water.

Do at least one fun thing a day.

I am certain you will add to this list.

No matter what: keep on loving yourself.

Your new normal, your Start Over Success depends on it.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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Talk to the fires

September 30, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Many of you might know that I talk to the wind. The Master Teacher Jesus taught us to do this.

So I tell the wind: “You are loved. You are appreciated. You are valued. Therefore, there is no need to blow destructively. There is no need to blow hard. In my neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods, you blow under 35 miles per hour. Most of the time, you are a very gentle, soft breeze. You are loved, valued and appreciated. And, so it is.”

Jesus said that he did all of these things but that we, you and I, will do greater than what he did. So why not control the wind?

If we can control the wind, then we can control the water and the fire.

Join with me and speak this to the fires in western USA:

“Fires, you are loved, valued, appreciated. Therefore, there is no need to be destructive. There is no need to rage and flume. You are loved, valued and appreciated. Therefore, there is no need for your hugeness, your flurry. It is time for you to return to the nothingness from which you came. Please return now. Take with you our love, our appreciation and the truth that we value you. Go now. And so it is.”

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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