As an Intentional Creativity Coach, Barbara Lucas does the work of leading others to use the art of journaling to record and examine the thoughts, feelings and messages that appear in a Start Over Success coaching session.

She is passionate about everyone knowing and using the skills and information that bring forth success.

Journaling is a success skill; having Start Over Success Sessions is a way to gain information that, if put to use, delivers success.


Journaling is the art of recording one’s thoughts, experiences and feelings. It is a success skill used by creatives, healers, coaches, teachers and successful people in all fields.

Her Start Over Success sessions use creativity, intention and intuition to interpret the messages that come as a result of going within.

Barbara Lucas is a highly skilled coach, teacher, writer, and artist.

Barbara Lucas allows her intuition, creativity, and her coaching, teaching, writing, painting skills to guide others to obtain the information need to work through Start Over Success and then step into the New Normal of their creation.

In private, one-on-one, one-hour sessions held on Zoom, she teaches clients to use intention and creativity to uncover the information they need for problem solving and life planning.

She uses her connections with Spirit and with her client to interpret the information they receive when in session with her.

Barbara Lucas did the work needed to acquire the skills she uses to guide others to the solutions they seek.

Her formal education took place at West Liberty State University, West Virginia University and Sedona University. In those places, she earned degrees in education and spiritual counseling.

She has many certifications in the field of spiritual counseling including being a certified Intentional Creativity Coach. She has completed many trainings including the Red Thread Guide training provided by the Intentional Creativity Foundation.

She is an ordained minister affiliated with the International Metaphysical Ministries.

Her informal education is from living life. She has over seventy years of experiences in growth, work, and relationships. She has lived in many environments including immigrant villages, coal mining villages, farming communities, inner city areas and wealthy subdivisions.  She has dealt with many issues and solved many problems.

However, her goal is to teach others how to solve their own problems using creativity,  intention and the skills taught in her Start Over Success sessions.

She lives in the United States in the state of Georgia with her six rescue cats.



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