What changed?

Sept. 14, 2020

Hi Everyone,

When I am faced with the unexpected like an illness, or job problem, I always stop and ask, “What changed?”

For example, did something change in the way I take care of my body like the kind and amount of food I eat? Am I moving enough? Am I sleeping enough?

For example, did something happen in the market place and I didn’t notice? Did I over work? Underwork?

Several years ago, when the fires in western US were unusually bad, I asked, “What changed?”

One of the things that changed were wind farms: they were bigger and more of them.  Yes, they produce electricity but how else might they impact the environment? Could they influence the air flow?

It is said that the wings of a butterfly moving in South America impact happenings in Europe so the total impact of wind farms is worth considering.

So. Ask, “What changed?” and look for little tiny things as well as big things.

Look at things like feelings, beliefs, thoughts.

We are asked to create a new normal.

The question is “What changed?” to cause the need for a new normal.

Some of us have to start over.

The question is “What changed?” to cause the need to start over.

Add these answers to your Start Over Journal in the part called The Foundation.


Dr. Barb

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