Sept. 6, 2020

Hi Everyone,

PAT stands for

  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Tone

Which means

  • Purpose—the reason for doing something
  • Audience—who are you doing this for
  • Tone—is the way to do this friendly, casual or formal, follow-the-rules-exactly

For example:

  • Purpose

My reason for doing Start Over Success, for wanting to plan my new normal          is_______

  • Audience

I am doing this for me; eventually, I will share this with friends and family

  • Tone

I am doing this with a thoughtful but friendly tone; I remember that when              doing this type of creative work, I do not worry about spelling, grammar,                rules, history or anything else; my only concern is to get my thoughts done          on paper so that I can examine them, add to them or subtract from them


I am doing this in a formal, follow all the rules tone.


       I have found that when I take the time to write down the PAT of every                   project I undertake, I make the way forward clearer.  I know exactly why I do         everything I do; I know who my audience is and how to communicate with             them.


Dr. Barb


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