Universal Sacred Assignment

Aug. 20, 2020

Hi Everyone,

In this Covid year of 2020, each of us—every person on the planet—has been given the sacred assignment of making a new normal.

This is known as the Universal Sacred Assignment.

Before we can make a new normal, we must do the work of determining what this new normal looks like, feels like, is like.

Review of Lesson 1, Call to Action 1

As I said in Lesson 1, Call to Action 1, posted August 7, 2020, to create a New Normal we secure survival needs first.

These needs become part of the foundation of our New Normal. The first thing we do in inventing a New Normal is build a strong, powerful foundation.

Hierarchy of Needs

People who study us humans have told us this many times. People like Maslow who wrote his Hierarchy of Needs was one of the first to explain this.

Maslow names physiological needs—food, water, shelter–, safety needs, relationship need, and esteem needs as the conditions every human must have to have good, happy lives.

In my post, I emphasized housing and food because so many Americans are facing homelessness and hunger at this time.

My New Normal

In my new normal, my Start Over Success, my foundation includes:

  1. I own a well-built, well-designed home that has two acres of usable, garden space as well as a dependable, easy-to-access source of safe-for-humans-to-use water.

One of the things I realized as I listened to thousands of Americans being threatened with eviction is that it is better to own a shack that no one can force you to move from than be a mortgage-holder or renter.

  1. I have a beautiful, highly productive potager

A potager garden has vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers intermingled.

Another realization occurred when watching cars lined up to get food from the food banks: no one should ever be without a productive home-located garden. No one. Ever.

  1. All of my security needs including the need for security, stability and safety are met

I add these items to my description of my New Normal.

Your New Normal

I highly recommend that you add My New Normal items to your new normal items list.

Call to Action:

In your Start Over Success journal, write, make notes, add images about this part of your foundation, the part about meeting survival needs.

And so it is.

Barbara Lucas
Start Over Consultant

Please support Start Over Success. Please use PayPal.

Contact me at bslucas@bellsouth.net

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